Here is a tiny bit of our history.

It's been a great 10 years in Tacoma. Vast improvements have happened to our area since we have opened.

The Big construction project on Pacific Ave is over. The Rain gardens and lighting Downtown has created a great neighborhood

We completed our first 5 year lease and negotiated another 5 years in our current location with one stipulation.

We had to get a new Air Conditioning system. After a year of planning and over 3 months of construction, it was finally ready.

The new HVAC system has made Dorky's a very pleasant experience in the Summer.

Another benefit is the air quality has improved greatly now with the proper ventilation.

It was a huge undertaking but was defiantly worth it. It has lead to countless other improvements.

We built a new Bar, new games like the Star wars Battlepod, KISS pinball and Jurassic Park,

Improved Seating area, updated DJ booth w/Killer new sound system and more.

We still have a lot of improvements planned, the biggest being the awning and sign replacement outside.

More Videos and stories to come


Dorky's Opening Day!!!

September 18th 2010

We can't believe how much we have grown and improved over the last 5 years.

Thank you for helping us create


King 5 Evening Magazine

Were Famous in Japan!!!

Part 1


Part 2  

Gamester81 Walkthru

August 2011  

Nov 2012  

T-Mobile Commercial 2011

We were scouted out and our location was selected for this National ad campain. The ad agency rented the whole space for 2 days.

We used the money for much needed inprovements, including the new wall art painted by E.S.P. shown in these commercial

Dorky's owner Les was also hired as a grip and game advisor for the 2 days.

He came up idea to remove the back and monitor and get a shot thru the game as seen in the opening.

Part 1

Part 2


We were part of his US cross country arcade tour. First video is an amature live video and the second one is a mix studio mix from all his stops on the tour.

at 2:30 keith is hanging for our light truss

August 21 2011 we hosted our second wedding reception.

Here is an artical writtin about it on the off beat bride website.